Experience Ardour

Hi Guys!!

Whew! I have been behind the power curve around here and weeds are taking over Blogland. This will be a double decker blog day as I get my head back into the game of weddings, flowers and all the fun whatnot that Ardour is typically about.

So with that said, I really want to share with you all some of the behind the scenes things that we, here at Ardour have been walking through. If you hang with me for a minute, I have a cool offer also.

As some of you all know, Ardour was birthed at home, kinda as a side gig, while my primary function was being a care giver to my father-in-law . It was a hard job and one that often had me guessing my own sanity, but looking back, one I would not have traded for the world. Toward the end of my father- in -laws life, we needed some extra help managing his care, so we called hospice. I was constantly amazed at the level of genuine care they took with him. They were a huge source of comfort, not only for him but for my husband and I as well. The day arose recently that he needed a bit more care than we could provide at home, and it was with a heavy heart he went for a visit to the hospice house. During that stay, we realized he would not be coming home to his bedroom and our comfortable schedule. In essence, he was making a decision. He was so tired, but had made the most of his 96 years on this earth. The team of nurses who worked with us were amazing and our hearts will always be insanely grateful.

I am so excited to share that for the rest of this year, anyone that signs on Ardour for any sort of wedding work, whether it a total design package or simply a day of coordination, floral design or even officiating, I will give a portion of my earnings directly to the Hospice house in Temple Terrace, as they cared for us so well. I will also donate a portion of my earnings to your favorite charity. Any one you choose. How fun, right?!?!?

Lets be the blessing, together!

Rachel Dummeldinger