Experience Ardour


Welcome to my blog spot, where you will notice is also where I show you all of the fun things Ardour has been up to lately. My goal is to keep it simple while building my community of talent whom I share this beautiful work space with in the wedding world.

Which really brings me to the point of this specific blog., community within the wedding world . I recognize that we each have a story to tell and we each bring our knowledge base, skill set and raw talent into our businesses. That, in my opinion, is what makes each entrepreneur in this industry well worth knowing. I am continually pleased with the people that I work near. I am learning the folks I work near share a similar mentality as myself. It is the Plenty Mentality. We live and work in a community with enough work for us all. We each can do our part and be contributors to the whole. And that is a huge blessing. We aren’t in competition. We can’t be in competition. We must never be in competition. For when we leave the place of Plenty, friendships close down, common goal shuts down, humility leaves the building.

If anyone reads to this point, first off, thanks, second off, if you are in the wedding world community, I want to know you. I look forward to working near you too, and continuing the cause of ushering in great joy for couples along their journey. For most of us, it is not just what we do, its who we are.

Spoiler alert, I’m a hugger! :)

And when your client says she wants you to lead the conga line, well… you lead the conga line! Thanks Kara Lehman for capturing the magic!

Rachel Dummeldinger